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5 Must-Have Fishing Supplies for Your Boat

Few things bring as much peace and tranquillity as a day out fishing, especially on your trusty boat either alone or with friends or loved ones. Naturally, you’ll need to bring along your trusty fishing rod, lures, and your tackle box if you want to catch anything, but there are plenty of fishing supplies that complement your boat that is certainly worth picking up.

Below are five of our must-have fishing supplies for your boat:

01. Stainless Steel Rod Racks

Having a safe place to store your fishing rods whilst out at sea is essential, which is why our Stainless Steel Rod Racks are a must-have for quick and easy access to fishing rods from any vertical surface on your boat.

With an exterior made of robust and durable stainless steel and a full-length polypropylene liner to protect rod handles, these rod racks are made of solid construction and are built to last. Each unit comes with three slots for fishing rods, but multiple units can be easily teamed together for more fishing rod storage.

02. Quick Lift Rod Holder

Relax your wrists and lay down your rod in our 2-in-1 Quick Lift Rod Holder mount. Once you’ve cast your line and you’re waiting for that first nibble, it’s anyone’s guess as to how long you’ll have to wait to reel in that first catch of the day.

Use our quick lift rod holder mount to easily set down up to two fishing rods at any desired angle thanks to the mount’s adjustable thumbscrew ratchet. This product is also robust and built to last thanks to its superb glass-filled polymer construction. Mount it to your boat and free up your hands to open up a beverage or turn on the radio with the peace of mind that your rod is securely held in place.

03. Rod Holder

If all you need is a simple and effective way of storing your fishing rod, our Rod Holder is the way to go. Oceansouth has various sizes available for your boat and trusty fishing rod, including 25mm diameter and 32mm diameter sizes. These rod holders are made of a solid high-impact polymer and come with a stylish metallic finish whilst offering secure support for your fishing rods whilst out on the sea.

04. Fisherman Boat Seat

If you’re planning on enjoying your day out fishing in comfort, you’ll need superb seating that can also fold away with ease. Our Fisherman Boat Seats offer excellent comfort with their thick moulded foam cushioning and are made of high-quality marine-grade polymer. Moreover, the fabric is UV resistant up to UPF 50+, which makes it suitable in all weather conditions. Multiple colours and designs are available, including grey, camouflage, blue/white, grey/white, and grey/charcoal.

05. Bait & Fillet Table

Want to dig right into your fresh catch and trim away all of the unwanted organs and bones for the evening barbecue or for a tasty dinner? Get to work safely and efficiently with our Bait & Fillet Table.

The unique rib core and full mounting hardware (included with the table) make it easy to mount and dismount as needed, whilst also providing a rigid and durable surface for filleting marine creatures and fish with ease. This table even fits into existing rod mounts, so pair it with one of the above rod mounts.