Sea Anchor Drogue | Tough PVC fabric - Oceansouth
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Sea Anchor Drogue

The Oceansouth Australia Sea Anchor Drogue is a durable and crucial device for boaters and sailors looking to enhance control and stability in challenging marine conditions. Specifically designed to reduce a vessel’s drift and provide stability in strong winds or heavy seas, it deploys from the bow or stern to create drag, maintaining the vessel’s heading and minimizing sideways movement. With multiple attachment points and various size options, it can be customized to fit different boat types and sizes. Whether you’re on a small yacht, fishing boat, or larger vessel, this sea anchor drogue ensures increased stability, control, and safety in unpredictable waters, allowing you to navigate with confidence.

  • Sea Anchor Drogue made of tough PVC Rip-Stop fabric
  • 50mm reinforced webbing opening
  • Reinforced construction – nylon straps
  • Continuous webbing for added strength
  • Slows boat rate of drift
  • Ideal for fishing
600mm 530mm 15ft 10071
800mm 700mm 20ft 10072
1070mm 1100mm 25ft 10073
1350mm 1400mm 30ft 10074
Boat Size
  • SKU: 10079P