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Boat Trailer Guide Poles


  • 40mm x 40mm Fully Galvanized Square Tube
  • Ø63mm PVC White Protective Tube. Ø3.9mm Wall Thickness
  • Galvanized parts & components
  • Can be easily assembled
  • Included in the kit are the white PVC guide poles for both left and right sides, as well as the full frames, mounting brackets and fasteners
Pole Height
Trailer Type
  • SKU: MA 310P

Enhanced Visibility:

Designed to simplify the maneuvering of your boat onto the trailer, our guide poles feature highly visible white PVC upright tubes. These tubes act as a visual aid, facilitating the alignment and centering of your vessel during retrieval, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Versatile Sizing:

What sets our Trailer Guide Poles apart is their versatility – available in multiple sizes to accommodate a range of boat dimensions and trailer configurations. This adaptability ensures a customized solution for various vessels, making them an ideal choice for boaters of all experience levels.

Please note: when trailering your boat on public roads, please ensure the Trailer Guide Poles are not extended out past the width of the trailer’s wheel arch and/or the width of the boat (whichever is widest) and ensure the PVC tubes are removed from the mounting frame.

The Trailer Guide Pole kit includes both left and right-hand side trailer guide poles and mounting assembly.


Adaptable to Trailer Styles:

Our Trailer Guide Poles offer you the choice of two types of mounting kits, suitable for either rectangular tube trailer frames or I-Beam style trailer frames.

Easy Installation:

Installation is a breeze with our straightforward installation guide, allowing you to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your boating adventures.