Oceansouth Gunwale Storage Bin
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Gunwale Storage Bin

The Oceansouth Australia Tinnie Bait & Storage bin combines a bait board with ample storage, offering convenience on the water. Crafted from high-quality materials for durability in marine conditions, it ensures long-lasting performance. The integrated bait board provides a sturdy workspace for bait preparation, while the adjacent storage bin keeps fishing essentials organized and dry. Designed to maximize functionality without obstructing deck space, it’s easy to install on most tinnies, making it a must-have addition for anglers of all levels. Stay organized and fully equipped for fishing with this versatile accessory from Oceansouth Australia.

Oceansouth new storage bin comes with integrated bait board

MA 106 – 1 Aluminium boat bait and
storage bin
MA 106 – 2 Aluminium boat bait and
storage bin with cup holder
MA 106 – 3 Aluminium boat bait and
Storage bin with
integrated bait board
Bait Board Type
  • SKU: MA 106P