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Boat Trailer Stone Guards


  • Heavy Duty PVC Mesh with surround 10# Zipper allows easy access to the hull while on the trailer
  • Adjustable ø25mm Stainless Steel Framework will fit the majority of popular trailers
  • Secured with 8 x Stainless Steel U-Bolts
  • Quality Webbing Straps
  • A quick hose down is all that’s necessary to be ready for the next road trip.
  • The standard mounting pack will accommodate a maximum ø125mm trailer beam height and ø80mm beam width. Email – if you require larger mounting plates or longer U-bolts. These can be purchased separately.

MA 300A-1 1520mm 900mm
MA 300A-2 1870mm 1000mm
Width / Height
  • SKU: MA 300P

The innovative design includes a durable 10# zipper surrounding the mesh, providing easy access to the hull for quick inspections while your boat remains securely fastened on the trailer. The adjustable ø25mm stainless-steel framework is thoughtfully engineered to fit the majority of popular trailer models, offering a versatile and adaptable solution.

Secured with eight robust stainless-steel U-bolts and high-quality webbing straps, these stone guards remain firmly in place, even in challenging road conditions. Cleaning up after your journey is a breeze – a quick hose-down is all that’s necessary to prepare for your next road trip.

The standard trailer mounting pack is designed to accommodate a maximum trailer beam height of ø125mm and a beam width of ø80mm. For trailers with larger dimensions, optional mounting plates and longer U-bolts can be purchased separately, providing a customized solution for your specific trailer needs.

Trust in Oceansouth Stone Guards to be the frontline defence, keeping your boat safe and secure on the road. With durability, versatility, and ease of use, these stone guards are the ideal choice for boating enthusiasts seeking reliable protection during towing.