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Deck/Cockpit Cushions

Oceansouth Deck/Cockpit Cushions offer the perfect solution for enhancing the comfort and style of your boat’s deck, cockpit, or bench seating. These versatile cushions are designed to provide ultimate comfort with their dense 65mm thick foam, ensuring you and your guests can relax while onboard. Constructed from Altas Marine-grade fabrics, these cushions are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of saltwater and prolonged exposure to the sun and UV rays. The heavy-duty PVC mesh backing not only adds durability but also ensures efficient drainage of water, preventing water buildup. Available in a range of 13 different sizes and two elegant color options (Blue & Grey or White), these deck and cockpit cushions are designed to fit your specific needs.

The removable design of these cushions, featuring marine-grade male/female studs, makes them easy to attach and remove as needed, keeping your boat’s deck, cockpit, or bench area tidy and clean. The UV and weather-resistant characteristics, along with color fastness to light grade 6-7, ensure that these cushions maintain their appearance and performance, even in the harshest marine conditions. Whether you’re enjoying a day of cruising, fishing, or simply relaxing on your boat, Oceansouth Deck/Cockpit Cushions provide the perfect combination of style and comfort to enhance your boating experience.

  • Removable when not in use, Marine-grade (Male / female studs)
  • Dense 65mm thick foam.
  • Altas Dope Dyed Polyester marine fabrics 310 gsm – Blue & Grey Cushions
  • PVC Fabric – White Cushions
  • Heavy-duty PVC Mesh Backing (allows water to drain)
  • UVR 92 Bonded Polyester
  • Marine-grade #5 Derlin zippers
  • UV & weather resistant
  • Colour fastness to light grade 6-7


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  • SKU: MA 720P

Boat Bench Cushions Polyester Fabric Blue
MA 720-1 300 450
MA 720-2 300 1200
MA 720-3 370 450
MA 720-4 370 1200
MA 720-5 370 1300
MA 720-6 370 1400
MA 720-7 370 1500
MA 720-8 370 1600
MA 720-9 370 1800
MA 720-10 420 450
MA 720-11 420 1600
MA 720-12 420 1700
MA 720-13 420 1800