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The Oceansouth Seat Covers are a simple yet highly effective solution to protect your boat seats from the damaging effects of weathering and deterioration. They’re easy to fit, ensuring your seats stay in top condition, season after season. The covers feature a surround shock cord in the hem, allowing for a snug and secure fit around both bench and pedestal-mounted seats.

Available in two sizes, the Boat Seat Cover – Large is designed to fit helm, bucket, and fixed-back seats, providing comprehensive protection for a variety of boat seat styles. On the other hand, the Boat Seat Cover – Small is suitable for small folding or pedestal seats and features a convenient fold-away design. These covers are held securely in place with the included woven strap, ensuring they stay put even when your seats are folded down. Oceansouth Seat Covers are a practical accessory for any boat owner looking to extend the lifespan of their seats and maintain a clean, tidy boat interior.


Small L 460mm
W 510mm
H 480mm
MA 780-1
Large L 600mm
W 560mm
H 670mm
MA 780-2
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  • SKU: MA 780P

Boat Seat Cover easy to fit and an effective solution to protecting your seats from weathering and deterioration. Surround shock cord in hem for a tight fit around bench or pedestal mounted seats.

Small Boat Seat cover suitable for fixed or folding boat seats.

  • Boat Seat Cover made of Dope dyed polyester 260 gs/m²
  • Surround shock cord in hem for a tight fit around bench or pedestal mounted seats.

Boat Seat Cover – Large:
Helm, bucket and fixed back seat.

Boat Seat Cover – Small:
Small folding or pedestal seats.
Fold away design, covers seat when folded down,
secured in place with woven strap (supplied).

Designed to suit smaller folding seats , a tie down webbing belt is supplied with cover to secure the cover in place when the seat is folded down.