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Propeller Covers

Oceansouth’s propeller covers are designed to provide exceptional protection and performance for your boat’s propeller. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, these covers offer a range of benefits that help safeguard your propeller and optimize its efficiency.

Constructed using high-quality materials, Oceansouth propeller covers are built to withstand the demanding marine environment. They are resistant to abrasions, impacts, and UV rays, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection for your propeller.


– Heavy Duty UV Polyester Materials.
– Padded lining fabric with 1/4’’ closed cell foam.
– Shaped closure with press studs (no drawstring).
– Heavy stitching and excellent workmanship.
– Durable Polyester webbing handle
(for easy transport and storage when removed from the motor).
– Non-skid interior design to prevent slippage or twisting while in transit.
– High visible red safety colour for trailering.

Propeller Diameter
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The covers feature a snug and secure fit, specifically tailored to different propeller sizes and styles. This precision fit ensures that the cover remains in place during transportation and while your boat is stationary, preventing any potential damage caused by loose or shifting covers.

One of the primary advantages of Oceansouth propeller covers is their ability to safeguard the propeller blades from various hazards. Whether it’s during storage, trailering, or while moored, the covers shield the propeller from debris, rocks, fishing lines, and other potentially damaging objects that could impact or entangle the blades. By providing this added layer of protection, the covers help extend the life of your propeller and reduce the risk of costly repairs or replacements.

Installing an Oceansouth propeller cover is a breeze. The covers are equipped with an easy-to-use velcro closure system, allowing for quick and secure attachment or removal. They are lightweight and compact, making them convenient to carry and store when not in use.

Whether you’re a casual boater or a dedicated angler, Oceansouth propeller covers are an essential accessory for protecting your valuable propeller investment. Their robust construction, precise fit, and performance-enhancing features ensure that your propeller remains in optimal condition, extending its lifespan and improving your boat’s overall efficiency on the water.