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Boarding Aluminum Ladders

Oceansouth Boarding Aluminum Ladders are versatile and reliable ladders suitable for various applications, whether you’re at the marina, dockside, by the pool, on the lake, or in any other location where easy and safe boarding is needed. These ladders are available in two sizes and are thoughtfully designed to hook securely over the gunwale and, when not in use, store flat for your convenience. Crafted from heavy-duty anodized aluminum with 25mm tubing, these ladders are built to withstand the rigors of marine environments and ensure long-lasting performance.

Featuring rubber-coated gunwale hooks with cushioned tips, these ladders provide a secure and non-damaging attachment to your boat or dock. The hooks and fend-off feet are designed to fold flat, making them easy to store in compact spaces when not in use. The tough white molded non-slip steps offer a stable platform for boarding, and reinforced plastic fend-off feet enhance durability and longevity. Oceansouth Boarding Aluminum Ladders are the perfect solution for hassle-free and safe boarding, no matter where your adventures take you.

  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum 25mm tubing.
  • Rubber – coated gunwale hooks with cushioned tips.
  • Hooks and fend off feet fold flat for compact storage.
  • Tough white molded non-slip step.
  • Reinforced plastic fend off feet.


3 850mm 355mm MA 011
4 1100mm 355mm MA 012
  • SKU: MA 010P