Accessories to protect your sailboat from damaging UV rays
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Must-have accessories to protect your sail boat from damaging UV rays

Summertime is finally here and this toasty season is one of the best times of the year to drag your sailboat toward the coast for a little voyage. It is a lot of fun to hoist the sails and travel across the gleaming waters. But before you set sail, you need to get a few protective accessories.

The sun rays can get pretty hot during summertime and these destructive beams can wear down and fade your boating gear if exposed to too much sunlight for too long. UV rays also pose a huge threat to sailors who can develop skin cancer.

Before you set out on your journey, you should invest in the needed protective gear. Here is a quick look at some of the best UV protective accessories to get for your sailboat.

A Sailboat Dinghy Cover

A sailboat dinghy cover is exactly what you need when it is time to lower your sails and extract your boat from the waters. These covers are designed to enclose the entire deck along with anything on the boat including your sails. The cover will protect your sails, boat interior, and other loose accessories from UV damage while keeping your boat dust and dirt free while it is in storage or while you travel.

A Sailboat Awning

A sailboat awning can be custom-made for your specific boat size. These awnings are made from UV-resistant fabric and usually stretch all the way from one side of the boat to the other while allowing plenty of room for you and your guests to sit under. These awnings are ideal for protecting you and all of your boating accessories from those harsh UV rays while you enjoy day sailing expeditions.

It will also keep everyone nice and dry since the awning is designed to create a canopy that will divert water away from you and off the boat. An awning is also a helpful shield to keep your dingy protected from the sun, bird droppings, and rain if you prefer to keep it inside the water at the dock.

Sailboat Hatch Covers

The hatch of your larger sailboat should be covered up on warm days or while the boat is in storage. A hatch cover will keep your hatch window and cover protected from damaging UV rays and it will keep sunlight from beaming into the inside of your boat. With a hatch cover, your boat interior will stay nice and cool even on warm days.

Sailboat Winch Cover

You will also need a winch cover. These covers are usually made from 100% dope-dyed polyester canvas. The sturdy cover will protect your boat winches from sunlight, dirt, and deposit build-up so they will stay in good working condition. These covers are specially designed to ease functionality since you can easily put them on or pull them off when you need to take your boat out for a watery adventure.

A Sailboat Bimini Top

A bimini top is a very handy sailboat accessory to have on warm summer days. The bimini canopy is usually made from canvas and is stretched over a collapsible metal frame that is secured to your boat sides with straps. The canopy creates a protective area over the boat entrance and cockpit area so guests can sit comfortably in the shade or enjoy protection from sudden rain. It is easy to lower when it is not in use and offers the best convenience for people who want to enjoy long voyages on warm summer days.


The right UV protective gear won’t just protect your boat from damage, it will also keep your skin protected and can enhance your overall comfort when you spend long hours on board. Contact Oceansouth and get custom-made sailboat covers and accessories for your boat so you can enjoy a safe and wonderful sea expedition.