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Asymmetric Kayak Paddle (Split Shaft)

The Oceansouth Premium 2.17m Blue Aluminium Asymmetric Kayak Paddle Canoe (Split Shaft) is a top-quality paddle designed for both kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. With its sleek and durable construction, this paddle offers exceptional performance and reliability on the water.

The paddle features a split shaft design, which allows for easy transportation and storage. The shaft is constructed from high-grade aluminum, providing excellent strength and durability while remaining lightweight for comfortable handling. The split design also enables quick and convenient assembly, making it a versatile choice for outdoor adventures.

The asymmetric blade design enhances efficiency and power during each stroke. The blade is carefully crafted from reinforced polypropylene, ensuring optimal performance in various water conditions.

Whether you’re an avid kayaker or a dedicated canoeist, the Oceansouth Premium 2.17m Aluminium Asymmetric Kayak Paddle Canoe (Split Shaft) is designed to meet your needs. With its durable construction, convenient split shaft and efficient blade design, it is a reliable companion for your water adventures, providing you with the power, control and comfort you desire.


  • Length: 2170mm
  • Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene blades.
  • Drip rings, sealed blades & shaft.
  • Aluminium shaft Ø29mm.
  • Grip indicators.
  • Asymmetric slightly spooned blades with 40˚ offset.


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  • SKU: PA 185P2