Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit - Oceansouth
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Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit


The Oceansouth Boat Cover Support Pole Kit is a versatile and reliable solution designed to provide excellent support and protection for boats up to 24ft in length. Crafted with high-quality materials and engineering, this kit ensures that your boat cover stays taut and secure, safeguarding your vessel against the elements.

The kit includes an adjustable support pole that can be easily extended and locked into place to accommodate boats of varying sizes. Its sturdy construction and adjustable height feature allow for a customized fit, preventing water pooling and sagging in the boat cover, which can cause damage over time.

The support pole is constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance to harsh marine environments. It features a non-slip plastic foot at the base, providing stability and preventing the pole from sliding or damaging your boat’s surface.


  • Suits boats up to 24′.
  • Marine grade polymers components.
  •  Ø1″ bright dipped aluminium pole.
  •  Ø1″ webbing straps attach to top wheel extend across front and to the rear of boat.


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  • SKU: 21062
Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit