Oceansouth Fishing Rod Rack
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Fishing Rod Rack / Rocket Launcher

The Oceansouth Australia Fishing Rod Holder Overhead Rack Rocket Launcher is a durable and versatile solution for boat owners looking to securely store and organize up to six fishing rods. Crafted from high-quality materials, it can withstand the marine environment’s harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting use. Its overhead rack design maximizes storage space on your boat, keeping rods organized and out of the way, reducing clutter and potential accidents. Installation is quick and easy, making it a practical choice for anglers of all levels to keep their fishing rods safe, organized, and accessible during their adventures on the water.

In summary, the Oceansouth Australia Fishing Rod Holder Overhead Rack Rocket Launcher is a reliable and convenient storage solution for fishing enthusiasts, offering durability, functionality, and easy installation to enhance your boating experience.

NOTE: Optional Rail Mounts can be used to mount the Fishing Rod Rack on rails


In stock
  • SKU: MA 100

  • Anodised aluminium tube.
  • 6 Hi-Impact noncorrosive polymer rod holder – metallic finish.
  • All connectors and mounts made from marine grade nylon.
  • Rear Universal Base Mounts are fitted with Thumb Screws that enable the Fishing Rod Rack to be folded down.
  • Crossbars can be used to mount equipment.
  • Assembling skills required Medium.
MA 100 1.9m 1.64m 2.4m
Fishing Rod Rack MA100-1-1
Installation Instructions