Fixed Boat Hook 1800mm Length | Oceansouth
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Fixed Boat Hook 1800mm Length

The Oceansouth Fixed Boat Hook with a length of 1800mm is a robust and versatile tool designed for various boating tasks. Crafted with a bright-dipped aluminum shaft featuring a non-slip locking mechanism, this boat hook ensures a secure grip and long-lasting performance. Its comfortable rubber hand grip provides easy handling, and the high-strength polypropylene hook features a ‘fend-off’ flat top design for efficient docking and maneuvering. With a double-sided hook, this boat hook is suitable for a wide range of applications, making it an indispensable asset for boaters seeking reliability and functionality on the water.


  • Rubber Hand Grip
  • High Strength Polypropylene Hook
  • ‘Fend-off’ flat top design.
  • Double Sided Hook
In stock
  • SKU: MA 003