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Flat Blade Oars Split Shaft

Oceansouth’s 2-piece Aluminium Flat Blade Oars represent a smart and reliable choice for boating enthusiasts. These oars come in a convenient pair, complete with Oar Locks or Oar Sleeves made from Heavy Duty Nylon and Stainless Steel fittings. The Ø35mm aluminium tube construction ensures both durability and strength while keeping the overall weight low. These oars are designed with a split shaft for minimal storage space requirements, making them ideal for emergency situations. The blades and handles are crafted from UV polypropylene, offering lightweight yet robust performance. For peace of mind on your boating adventures, Oceansouth Aluminium Flat Blade Oars are the go-to choice.
Whether you’re an experienced boater or a novice, Oceansouth’s Aluminium Flat Blade Oars make for an invaluable addition to your boat’s equipment. Engineered for durability, they feature heavy-duty nylon oar pin locks and stainless steel fittings for secure and reliable performance. When storage space is at a premium, the split shaft design of these oars ensures they won’t take up much room, while the use of lightweight Ø35mm aluminium tubes strikes an ideal balance between weight and strength. With UV polypropylene blades and handles, these oars guarantee dependable and lightweight strength, making them a must-have for any boating journey where reliability is key.

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Oceansouth has made the perfect set of oars to keep in your boat for emergency situations. A split shaft design to minimize the room taken up, and made from Ø35mm aluminum tube to keep the weight low but ensure they are still strong. The blades and handles are made from UV polypropylene for the best lightweight strength. These come with oar pin locks made from heavy-duty nylon and stainless steel fittings.