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Gunwale Stainless Steel Folding Ladder

The Oceansouth Gunwale Stainless Steel Folding Ladder is a versatile and reliable choice for boaters who want a secure and convenient boarding solution. Crafted from high-quality 316-grade stainless steel, these ladders are designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments. They can be easily mounted onto the gunwale of your boat, providing a sturdy and safe way to board. The ladder features non-slip steps to ensure safe footing in wet conditions. Available in two sizes with step spacings of 260mm and a ladder width of 290mm, these folding ladders cater to various boat sizes and styles. The welded rungs with flat polymer tread and 316-grade stainless steel fasteners and tubes ensure both durability and a polished, high-quality finish. Whether you’re on a small boat or a larger vessel, Oceansouth’s Gunwale Stainless Steel Folding Ladder offers a dependable and safe boarding solution.


  • Step Spacings: 260mm
  • Ladder Width: 290mm
  • Welded rungs with flat polymer tread
  • 316 grade stainless steel fasteners and tube
  • High polish 25mm stainless steel

3 920mm 710mm MA 036
4 1180mm 710mm MA 037
  • SKU: MA 036P