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Adjustable Aluminum Telescopic 3 Part Paddle

The Oceansouth Australia Premium Adjustable Telescopic Aluminium Oars Paddles are a high-quality and versatile set of oars designed for boating enthusiasts seeking durability and convenience. Crafted from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, these paddles offer excellent performance and reliability.

With an adjustable length range of 60CM to 120CM, these telescopic oars provide flexibility to cater to various watercraft and personal preferences. The adjustable feature allows users to adapt the paddle length to their desired reach and stroke, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort while paddling.

The oars are designed with ergonomics in mind.

Oceansouth’s telescopic paddles offer a fool proof twist design and marine-grade polypropylene blades for durability.


  • Adjustable Length from 600mm to 1200mm
  • A Telescopic Paddle that consists of high impact blade
  • Easy Twist Telescopic Locking System
  • Comfortable palm grip handle
  • Anodized Aluminum Tube


SKU Color Length Weight
PA 111 Black 760mm – 1200mm (2 part) 53g
PA 110 Black 600mm – 1200mm (3 part) 50g
PA 112 Safety Orange 600mm – 1100mm (3 part) 50g
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  • SKU: PA 110P