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Tips For A Fun Christmas Boating Expedition

The festive season is here and right now, everyone is working hard to prepare their homes for these celebrations. If you own your own boat then you probably are nothing like the millions who spend their days idling by at home. You probably prefer to be out on the open waters where you can fish, swim, or have some fun.

Since you love the water or your boat so much, why not spend Christmas out on the open sea? With the right setup, you can have a beautiful Christmas filled with joy and enjoy all of the watery adventures you love so much. Let’s take a look at how to have a fun boating expedition during the festive season or on Christmas day.

Invest in Some Shade

Melbourne’s summer sun can get very brutal. If you don’t want to struggle with painful sunburn after your Christmas expeditions then it is best to invest in some shading solutions for your boat. Buy a bimini top or a T-top for your roof so you can sit comfortably in the shade during the hottest time of the day.

These tops or small roofs are also perfect for sheltering you from any unexpected rainstorms that might bless your day.

Create More Seating Solutions

If family or friends hear that you are celebrating Christmas on the sea then they will likely want to join in on the fun. It can be wise to provide some extra seating for your guests. You can get some extra boat seats installed or invest in a couple of bench cushions that can help guests sit more comfortably. 

Have Fun Decorating

Your festive boating trip will just be another trip if you don’t decorate for the festivities. It can be good to grab some battery-operated string lights that you can coil around your bimini top and around the deck of the boat. This will give your boat a nice and festive vibe. Remember to mount a small Christmas tree on the front of your boat and hang lots of beautiful wreaths around the handrails. 

It will be much more fun to spend time at the harbour when your boat is beautifully decorated with plenty of gorgeous Christmas lights.

Plan Beverages and Meals Ahead

It is tradition to have a large Christmas feast during these celebrations. It can be difficult to cook on a boat, especially since no one will be in the mood for hard work during the festivities. It is best to plan all of your meals ahead. You should prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for all of your guests and invest in some extra Christmas-inspired snack items. 

It is also a good idea to bring along a large cooler filled with all sorts of tasty beverages or some Champagne if you are celebrating New Year’s on the open waters. 

Remember Your Speakers and Playlist

Boating celebrations tend to be a lot more fun and lively when you have some background music to soothe your journey. Remember to charge your Bluetooth speakers and create a nice festive playlist for the day.  The right music will certainly put everyone in a better mood and will help spread the Christmas cheer. 

Don’t Forget about Entertainment

If you are planning on spending a long time on the open waters then it might be good to take along something for entertainment. A set of dice, a deck of cards, a board game, or a poker set can all be great for keeping your guests or family busy and engaged during these trips.

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than on the open waters or at the harbour. If your boat doesn’t have enough seats or shade just yet then it is time to give Oceansouth a call. We have a wide range of boat covers, tops, and seating solutions available. With these upgrades, all of your future boating expeditions are bound to be a lot more fun.