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Extra Large Heavy Duty Bait & Fillet Table with Handle and Rod Holders

The Oceansouth Extra Large Heavy Duty Bait & Fillet Table is a versatile and robust solution for anglers looking for a reliable workspace on their boats. With a generous size of 850mm x 460mm, it provides ample space for bait preparation and filleting. Crafted from extremely strong polypropylene, this bait board is highly durable and can withstand cuts and UV deterioration, ensuring long-lasting use even in harsh marine conditions. It features essential components like a drain hole for easy cleaning, a convenient sink for quick access to water, and built-in rod holders for added convenience, allowing anglers to keep their fishing rods organized while tending to their catch. This bait board is compatible with three mounting options: a rod holder mount, a rail mount, or a Lock Fast mount, offering versatility and flexibility for various boat setups.

Whether you’re a professional angler or a recreational fisherman, the Oceansouth Extra Large Heavy Duty Bait & Fillet Table is designed to meet your needs. Its sturdy construction and practical features make it an ideal choice for those who want a reliable and efficient workspace while out on the water, ensuring that your fishing adventures are even more enjoyable and productive.

  • Oceansouth Extra Large Bait Board size 850mm x 460mm.
  • Mounting width 570mm.
  • Extremely strong polypropylene, tough against cuts and UV deterioration.
  • Drain Hole.
  • Sink & Rod Holders.


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  • SKU: MA 109P


Extra Large Heavy Duty Bait & Fillet Table Lifestyle
MA 109-1 Lock Fast Holder Mount
MA 109-2 Rail Mount (Suits 25mm Rails)
MA 109-4 Stainless Steel Handle & Rod Holders