Oceansouth Bait Cutting Board - Small
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Bait Boards

Oceansouth’s Bait Boards are innovative and versatile fishing accessories designed to enhance your fishing experience on boats. These bait boards are expertly crafted to provide a convenient and practical solution for bait preparation and storage while out on the water.

The bait boards are constructed using high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to the harsh marine environment. This ensuring longevity and excellent performance even in challenging conditions. The materials used are also easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to keep the bait board in pristine condition.

The bait boards also incorporate drainage systems to facilitate easy cleaning and prevent water from pooling on the surface. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with bait residue or when cleaning up after a successful fishing session.


Rod holder mount fits easily into existing rod mounts and adjustable knuckle allows the table to be used in a straight or angled position.


  • Table Size 460mm x 375mm
  • Oceansouth Bait Cutting Board consist of anodized aluminum mounting leg
  • UV Stabilised, extremely tough Polypropylene table
  • 2 separate compartments at top of board, to hold knife, tackle, lures
  • Bottom compartment designed to catch run off fish guts, blood, etc
  • Adjustable knuckle allows the table to be fixed at required angle


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  • SKU: MA 104P


Bait & Fillet Table Lifestyle
MA 104-1 Rod Holder Mount
MA 104-2 Rail Mount (Suits 25mm Rails)
MA 104-3 Lock Fast Holder Mount