Stainless Steel 4 Bow Bimini Top - Oceansouth
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4 Bow Classic Bimini Top – Aluminium

  • Exceptional durability and enduring quality
  • 220cm (7ft 3”) long canopy (front to back)
  • Water-resistant, breathable high-tech ATLAS Marine Grade Fabric 310 g/m2
  • UV & weather-resistant, colour fastness to light grade 6-7
  • Resilience against mold and mildew
  • Ø25mm Anodised Aluminium snap-lock frame, ensuring strength and dependability
  • Comfortably travel at 40 knots on the water
  • A selection of colours to choose from
  • Suitable for Open Boats, Tinnies, Centre Consoles, Runabouts, Side Consoles & Inflatable Boats
  • Marine-grade Nylon fittings

1.5m – 1.7m 1.4m MA 063-1
1.7m – 1.9m 1.6m MA 063-2
1.9m – 2.1m 1.8m MA 063-3
2.1m – 2.3m 2.0m MA 063-4

900mm Length - Angled Bimini Top Support Poles (Aluminium)

1100mm Length - Fixed Bimini Top Support Poles (Aluminium)

700 - 1250mm Length - Telescopic Bimini Top Support Poles (Aluminium)

From: $345.09
  • SKU: 4 Bow Bimini Top - Aluminium-BUNDLE


The Oceansouth 4 Bow Classic Bimini: Versatile Protection

The Oceansouth 4 Bow Classic Bimini is a robust and high-quality top designed for larger open boats & tinnies, centre & side consoles and inflatable/RIB boats. With its trim design and Ø25mm anodised aluminium tubing, this Bimini provides reliable shade and protection for your boating adventures.

Advanced Materials: Durability Guaranteed

Constructed from high-tech ATLAS Marine Grade Fabric with a weight of 310 g/m2, our 4 Bow Classic Bimini top is UV and weather-resistant, ensuring durability and colour fastness even under challenging marine conditions. The marine-grade nylon fittings add to its longevity. Our 4 Bow Classic Bimini kit contains the aluminium framework, fabric canopy with an integrated storage boot, heavy-duty webbing straps, crossbars and components, making installation and setup a breeze. Our 4 Bow Classic Bimini harmoniously integrates functionality with performance, ensuring a comfortable 40 knot cruise and an invaluable enhancement for your boat.

Hardware Details: Included in the Kit

The 4 Bow Classic Bimini kit comprises all necessary hardware for the full assembly of the Bimini. Please note that the fasteners/screws needed to securely attach the Bimini frame to your boat are not provided. You need to obtain the appropriate fasteners or screws that are compatible with the material of your boat.

Convenient Storage: Effortless Retraction

Designed for convenient storage, our 4 Bow Classic Bimini features an integrated Storage Boot cleverly incorporated into the underside of the canopy, facilitating easy storage when retracted and ensuring no loose material on board. You can effortlessly undo the web strapping, allowing you to lay the entire Bimini top flat on the gunwale of the vessel or you can even remove it from the boat completely by easily undoing the deck mounts.

Straightforward Installation: User-Friendly Process

Installing your 4 Bow Classic Bimini is a hassle-free experience, thanks to our user-friendly and comprehensive installation guide. We’ve streamlined the process to make it as straightforward as possible, ensuring that you can set up your Bimini quickly and with minimal effort.

Our step-by-step installation guide provides clear instructions from start to finish, guiding you through each stage with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned boating enthusiast or a first-time user, you’ll find the process intuitive and easy to follow.

From assembling the 4 Bow frame to attaching the canopy and securing the fittings, every aspect of installation has been carefully designed to be user-friendly. With our straightforward approach, you’ll have your Bimini up and ready for use in no time, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the water without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Installation Instructions


1.5m – 1.7m 1.4m MA 063-1
1.7m – 1.9m 1.6m MA 063-2
1.9m – 2.1m 1.8m MA 063-3
2.1m – 2.3m 2.0m MA 063-4

Altas Fabric Blue
Weight 227g/m²
Material 100% High Tech Polyester
Water Column ≥ 150 mbar (1500 mm)
Light & Weather Fastness Note 6-7
Tensile Strength ≈ 2200 N¹ | 1400 N²
Elongation ≈ 40 %¹ | 30 %²
Colour Fastness to rubbing Note 4-5³ | Note 44
Chlorine Resistant Note 4-5
Water Repellency Note 100
Oil Repellency Note 4
Coating Polyurethan [PU]
UV Protection Factor UPF 50+ (measured > UPF 80)
Visit the ATLAS Fabrics website

Since 1989, Oceansouth Biminis have consistently established an unparalleled standard in quality, craftsmanship, style and innovation. Originating from a modest garage in Melbourne our journey has seen us grow globally with our products now sold not only in Australia but the USA, the UK, Europe and New Zealand. We remain at the forefront of transforming boat canopy & marine product design worldwide. Proudly stemming from our humble beginnings, we introduced the pioneering concept of the first Bimini sold in a box as a do-it-yourself kit, permanently altering the ownership landscape of boat canopies.

With meticulous design to meet the highest standards, our Biminis seamlessly blend durability and elegance. Crafted from top-tier materials such as stainless steel, anodised aluminium and the esteemed Atlas Marine Grade Fabric, our canopies embody resilience against the elements. Each component is carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure longevity and reliability, providing boaters with peace of mind even in the harshest marine conditions.

Meticulous Engineering: Reflecting Excellence

At the heart of our Bimini designs lies a dedication to meticulous engineering that reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Each of our Classic Bimini styles, whether you opt for the 2, 3 or 4 bow round tube design, has been crafted with precision and care, ensuring not only exceptional quality but also a touch of sophistication that sets them apart from the competition.

Our team of skilled engineers meticulously considers every detail, from the structural integrity of the frame to the functionality of the fittings, to guarantee that our Biminis exceed industry standards. Through rigorous testing and refinement, we ensure that our Biminis withstand the rigors of marine environments while maintaining their sleek and stylish appearance. In a market saturated with options, our Biminis stands out as the unparalleled provider of superior boat canopies.

Leadership in Quality: Commitment to Excellence

As pioneers in the field of stainless steel and aluminum Bimini top production, we pride ourselves on our steadfast dedication to excellence and continuous innovation. Our unwavering commitment to quality is at the core of everything we do, driving us to consistently push the boundaries of design and performance.

Our frames, distinguished by their robust Ø25mm diameter, stand as a testament to our dedication to durability and reliability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these frames not only provide unparalleled sturdiness but also instil a sense of confidence and trust among discerning boating enthusiasts.

By prioritising the highest standards of craftsmanship and engineering, we ensure that every Oceansouth Bimini exceeds expectations, offering a superior level of functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced Experience: Shielding from Elements

Our Bimini’s not only serve a practical purpose in protecting your boat but also significantly enhance your overall boating experience. By providing a shield against the elements, including the harsh glare of the sun and unexpected rainfall, our Biminis offer invaluable comfort and convenience during your adventures on the water. With their ability to create a shaded area on your boat, our Biminis allow you to enjoy extended periods on the water without the worry of sunburn or discomfort from excessive heat. Moreover, they provide a welcome respite during sudden downpours, ensuring that your boating adventure remains enjoyable and uninterrupted.