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Universal Trailerable Cover

The Oceansouth Universal Trailerable Cover is a versatile and cost-effective solution for boat owners seeking year-round protection or a reliable cover for trailering. Supplied with tie-down straps, trailerable straps, and a convenient storage bag, this cover is designed to provide comprehensive protection for your boat, whether it’s parked in storage or being transported on a trailer.

Constructed from extra strong 220g/m2 ATLAS CANVAS, this durable cover is available in four different sizes to accommodate various boat types. It offers water-resistant properties to shield your boat from rain, dirt, and UV rays while also being breathable to prevent moisture buildup. Whether you need protection during the off-season or a reliable cover for trailering, the Oceansouth Universal Trailerable Cover is an excellent quality choice to keep your boat safeguarded throughout the year.


  • Extra strong 220g/m2 ATLAS CANVAS
  • A durable cover available in 4 sizes.
  • Water resistant and breathable.


3.3m – 4.0m A-Small 1.8m MA 073-1
4.0m – 4.5m B-Medium 2.05m MA 073-2
4.5m – 5.4m C-Large 2.4m MA 073-3
5.4m – 6.4m D-Extra Large 2.6m MA 073-4
Boat Length
  • SKU: MA 073P

1. Measure the Overall Fabric Length
Using a tape measure, take the following measurements on your boat making sure you measure from 15-30cm below the point of the bow of the boat (assume this is where the hem of the cover will be) all the way back to 15-30cm below the stern, ensuring the tape measure goes over the windscreen.
If you have a Bimini, ensure this is folded down and resting on the gunwales and that when you measure from bow to stern the tape measure goes over the folded-down Bimini.
If you have a permanent Bimini or other similar structure mounted on your boat, this style of cover will not be suitable for your boat. Please look at the Jumbo-style semi-custom covers.

2. Measure the Overall Fabric Width
Using a tape measure, take a measurement 15-30cm below the widest part of your boat on the Port side gunnel and across to 15-30cm below the opposite Starboard gunnel ensuring that the measurement goes over the highest part of the boat, ie, windscreen.

Once you have these 2 overall measurements refer to the below table showing the overall cover dimensions for each size of cover offered and match up to arrive at the best fit for your boat.


3.3m – 4.0m 2200mm 4475mm MA 073-1
4.0m – 4.5m 2800mm 5220mm MA 073-2
4.5m – 5.4m 3400mm 5950mm MA 073-3
5.4m – 6.4m 3400mm 7185mm MA 073-4